The rule of the Grimaldis is passed on for 700 years by success. 1962 prince Rainer III, which mounted the throne 1949, signs a constitutional amendment, which limits the power of the sovereign in a high measure. The prince prepares new laws with the government and the national council discharges these. The publication of these texts is subject alone to the prince.

The legislation force is exercised by the prince and the national council, which is selected by general elections for five years. The executive consists of the prince and a small government advice, whose head is the Minister of State, usually a French civil servant.

The judicial force is subject only and alone to the prince, who subordinated the practice to the Monegasque Court of Justice. The principal court is appointed by the prince.
Local affairs are subject to the local council, who consists of 15 local councils selected by the people for four years. The presidency of the local council has the mayor.

There are no formal political parties. The candidates are active in free groups or lists. Only monegasque citizen receive the right to vote. In addition Monaco has the advice of the crown, which consists of 7 Monegasques. Their term of office amounts to three years. If there are important state affairs like international agreements, dissolution of the national council, nationality and important affairs concerning the Monegasque state the advice of the crown must be asked.

The naturalization, a personal privilege of the prince, is limited to 30 persons per year.