The Principality of Monaco is a city-state in west-europe. It is surrounded by France at the mediterranean coast near to Italy.

With 1,95 km² Monaco is the second smallest state in the world (after Vatikan State) and is subdivided into six administrative quarters: Monaco Ville also called Rocher, Monte Carlo main catchment area with its Casino, La Condamine dockland and market, Le Larvotto - the beach quarter, Les Moneghetti, residential area in the north-west of Monaco and Fontvieille, new residential areas resulted from landgaining.

At the same time Monaco has the biggest inhabitant density in the world with more than 20.400 people living on one km².

Monaco has approximately 40,000 inhabitants, 8000 Monegasques and 32,000 foreign inhabitants of 125 different nationalities. The most remarkable is that the minority is of Monegasque nationality.
For tourists the so called 'Manhattan of Europe' is a magnetic point of attraction due to its elegant flair, its pleasant climate and its exclusive offer of events like the Grand Prix.

On the following sites you can find a lot of interesting facts about this wonderful land and can gain insight into its history, its politics, its culture and many other aspects.

The five areas of Monaco:

Monaco-Ville on the Rock:

The old fortified town, with the Prince's Palace, the ramparts, the gardens, the Cathedral and the Oceanographic Museum.

The Condamine:

Is the second oldest area in Monaco. The name comes from the Middle Ages and means the cultivable land at the foot of a village or castle.


Created in 1866, named in honor of Prince Charles III, hosts an internationally famous Casino, luxury hotels and leisure facilities, some created recently: Larvotto beach, the
Monte Carlo Sporting Club, the Boulingrins Gardens.


Is the newest area of the Principality of Monaco and was created from land reclaimed from the sea. This man-made waterfront area features a harbor, stadium and sports complex, heliport, and a pollution-free industrial zone, as well as some shopping areas and the new Columbus Monaco hotel.


Home to the Révoires and the Exotic Gardens on the western border with Cap d`Ail.