On Monaco-Fair.com, "Fairspaze Virtual Fairs" is launching its first national fair.

Monaco is green, smart and one of the most advanced countries in Europe. This has also been recognized by the German company FAIRSPAZE.com and that hardly any other country is suitable for holding a worldwide, state-related virtual trade fair. Monaco-Fair.com!

Fairspaze is the first provider in Europe for virtual trade fairs. The founders were already the first to successfully position the first Internet travel portals 15 years ago. With this experience and know-how, success should not be long in coming.

Companies that already exhibit at real fairs in Monaco but also all other companies in Monaco, whose target group is worldwide, get here a perfect sales platform. Companies in Monaco now have the opportunity to offer their products worldwide in the format of the virtual exhibition.

Companies already exhibiting at real fairs in Monaco can expand their presence and thus their reach to 365 days a year and worldwide.

Monaco is very committed to environmental protection and of course Monaco-Fair.com has also respected that. All applications of the virtual fair are guaranteed to run on CO2-neutral servers with renewable energies.

A smart platform for all companies in Monaco and for all companies for which the market place Monaco is right and important.



Monday, August 26, 2019