The two have grown quite tall
Prince Jacques and Princess Gabriella, the twin children of Monaco Prince Albert (60) and his Charlène (40), are already going to school! And that, nicely done and in a partner look. Only in one point do the Monegasque heir to the throne and his sister differ.

In December, the two will be four
Wow, when you see these pictures, you really ask yourself where the time is. The royal twin duo of Monaco are on their way to school. And that, even though the two are only three years old.

They probably will not press the school board properly, but rather go to preschool. Nevertheless, it should be a bit wistful to their parents as well.

Mama Charlène posts photos on Instagram
But on the three Insta pictures of Princess Charlène, the little blond creatures are anything but excited. The native South African subtitles the pictures very proudly with the words: "First day of school". Both are wearing dark jeans and white polo shirts.

Friday, September 14, 2018