Announcing for the concerts in Monaco and Cap Ferrat


Mosaic Festival has today announced its concert dates for the concerts in Monaco and Cap Ferrat in September - October 2023. 

To mark the coronation of HM King Charles III,  Mosaic Music Festival has published a variation on the United Kingdom’s national anthem, God Save the King, performed by concert pianist Edna Stern. The Festival has also issued its Music Manifesto, a brief but all-encompassing call to arms for anyone who cares passionately about music. 

Festival Founder Tatiana Svetlova, who composed the variation on the anthem, said: “The coronation is such a historic moment, and one that will be etched in peoples’ memories for decades to come. At this special moment, we wanted to play our part in sending him our best wishes for a long and enjoyable reign - and what better way of doing that than through music?”

“The original music to God save the King is attributed to John Bull dating back to 1619. I placed the theme within my own Fantasia and both ideas play musical chairs, stopping and running independently with each idea. My  wish for the King is for a peaceful and fulfilling reign, so I wanted the music to reflect that,” said Ms Svetlova. 

Festival organisers are committed to finding new and innovative ways of attracting younger audiences to the classical music scene. As part of this, Ms Svetlova and Ms Stern have collaborated on a new 35-40 minute show for children based on Schumann’s Carnaval that will be performed as part of Mosaic’s offering.  Children’s brains are like sponges. The earlier they hear great music, the better. Our version of the Carnaval is full of fun and adventure and we hope it will give children an appetite for wanting to see and hear more.

1) The music on the  variation on God Save the King can be downloaded here:



Wednesday, May 17, 2023