Charles Leclerc's historic F1 Grand Prix triumph celebrated beyond the Principality

On Sunday, Charles Leclerc wrote one of the finest pages in Monegasque sport, and certainly the most emotionally intense.

What if 26 May was declared a public holiday in the Principality? Let Charles Leclerc's first victory on home soil be engraved in the calendar in its rightful place. And that, without being a public holiday, every year this day reminds us of that sunny spring Sunday when it rained tears - of joy - from the balconies of Monaco right down to the cheeks of Prince Albert II on the podium.

That day when the red and white banner flew for the first time on the highest step of Monaco's queen event. It was a never-ending day when ‘Charlot’ made hearts tumble and ended up in the harbour after expressing all his love for the people of Monaco. ‘A big thank you to the Monegasques. It's a moment I'll never forget,’ he told Monaco-Matin. It's a victory like any other in terms of points, but emotionally speaking, it really adds value. I've been dreaming of this since I was a kid, to see so many Monegasque flags all over the city.



Thursday, May 30, 2024