The summer is over and even for little princes and princesses that means: The school starts again.

This also applies to Jacques and Gabriella of Monaco, four, who have to go back to pre-school with everything. But from a compulsory date, the bright minis seems to be out of the question when it comes back to everyday life. Princess Charlène, 41, with an impressive post on her Instagram channel, reveals that the world of her children seems to be very colorful and happy.

You can see the two backpacks of the twins. Jacques decided on a frog-green design with a laughing smiley and a "salute". The little prince seems to have no fear of new acquaintances, betrays his choice. His sister Gabriella obviously loves the girl-typical pink as well as the blue beloved by Jung. Apparently, the pretty princess is not someone who likes to be committed to a role. OK then!


Wednesday, September 11, 2019