This "historic" building will soon give way to a new 197-unit housing complex in Monaco

The current building being demolished at the top of the boulevard du Jardin exotique will make way for a new state-owned complex of three towers in an envelope of greenery on the façade.
It is a strong link in the national housing plan. In four years' time, the future Bel Air complex should increase the number of new flats in Monaco by 197 units by renewing a "historic" building in the Principality's estate, built in 1966.

In a public meeting on Monday evening, the local councillors examined the request for authorisation to build a new complex at 64 Boulevard du Jardin Exotique.

In place of the current monolithic building which is about to be demolished, three buildings will be erected, designed by the architect Patrick Raymond, housing 197 state flats distributed as follows: 48 two-room flats, 81 three-room flats, 61 four-room apartments and 7 five-room flats.





Thursday, September 15, 2022