S.A. Prince Albert II, S.A. Princess Stéphanie, Pauline and Louis Ducruet presented the Gold, Silver and Bronze Clowns during the gala performance on Tuesday, January 22nd:

2 golden clowns for:
- "Martin Lacey Junior"
- The "Royal Circus of Gia Eradze" for all his performances

4 silver clowns for:
- At the "Duo Just to Men"
- The "Aliyev troupe"
- The "Filinov troupe"
- The "Acrobatic Troops of China" for all their numbers

6 bronze clowns for:
- The elephants of the Joseph Gärtner family
- The trio without socks
- "Cesar Dias"
- The "Prilepin Quartet"
- The "duo, the owl and the cat's shell"
- "Charlotte and Nicolas"

- An exceptional prize for "Martin Lacey Junior"

- The trophy in memory of Princess Antoinette to the youngest artist of the festival: Franzi Gärtner

- International Prize of the Junior Jury of Monaco

- The Audience Award at "Martin Lacey Junior"

Wednesday, January 23, 2019