A killer allegedly murdered billionaire Hélène Pastor in fashionable Monaco. The client probably went in and out of her home.

As the man who shot her, Hélène Pastor still knew when she lay in the hospital, badly injured. He was black-skinned and dark-clothed. When the police presented photos to identify the perpetrator, she hesitated. I'm scared, whispered the 77-year-old to the officials. I want to see you again because I have other things to say to you. It should not come to that.

Shortly after the conversation, on May 21, 2014, Pastor died. Two weeks earlier, her chauffeur Mohamed Darwich had already succumbed to the injuries he sustained while beating his boss's car. The case shook Monaco. The real estate legacy Hélène Pastor was one of the most wealthy women in the Principality, whose family owns about 3,000 flats and whose assets are estimated at several dozen billion euros. Had she guessed who was behind the crime?

Is the daughter's partner the murderer of Hélène Pastor?

Her son Gildo does not believe it. She died without knowing that the devil was sitting at our table, he told the newspaper Le Parisien. For the murder of the contract is accused of none other than the Polish partner of Pastors daughter Sylvia, Wojciech Janowski. Now, in Aix-en-Provence, the trial of him and nine other defendants, including the alleged murderer and his accomplice, began. They had ambushed Pastor's car on May 6, 2014 in front of the hospital in Nice, where she visited her son Gildo every day, and fired several shots.

Over the recordings of video cameras, tracing the taxis, which had used the perpetrators, as well as telephone monitoring the police came quickly on their track and those of Janowski. According to investigative judge Christophe Perruaux, he is said to have planned the crime since his partner Sylvia's cancer in 2012 because he was not in her will: by provoking the premature death of Hélène Pastor, he enabled her daughter to inherit a large part of her wealth, which he hoped to take control of.

The process should last until October 19:

An initial confession took the 67-year-old back again on the grounds that there had been a linguistic misunderstanding. For 28 years he had been with Pastor's daughter Sylvia, who later said that she had trusted him blindly and that she had a hard time cheating on him. Not only had Janowski, who was honorary consul in Monaco by virtue of his good connections, only invented his diploma from Cambridge University; Not only did his allegedly flourishing oil business turned out to be a financial abyss, according to investigating magistrates.

Also, he had diverted from the nine million euros, which had received his girlfriend in the 18 months before the death of her mother of this, 7.5 million. He had taken a mortgage on her house in London, and a boat he gave her paid for Sylvia, and possibly indirectly for the murder of Hélène Pastor. With its organization Janowski should have entrusted his fitness trainer Pascal Dauriac, whom he made generous gifts and regularly handed over money-filled envelopes.

Tuesday, September 18, 2018