The 5G network will be activated in July in the Principality!

What there is to know ?

On April 30, with the launch of the #ExtendedMonaco program, the Prince's Government set the tone for Monaco's ambition in a digital world.

The first pillar of this "Smart Principality" with the implementation of fiber optics and the emergence of a sovereign cloud, the 5G network will be activated in July in the Principality, suggesting very strong developments likely to place Monaco in levels of performance worthy of the expectations of its residents and the needs of its businesses.

This Tuesday, June 18, a press conference announcing the next launch of the 5G was held at the premises of MonacoTech, in the presence of key players in this project who were keen to lay down its technical, regulatory and health. A technological advance adopted at the same time by many European countries such as Portugal, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, Belgium and in 2020 France.


Tuesday, June 25, 2019