The Semperoperball in Dresden. This time, especially the tribute of Prince Albert II of Monaco will be remembered.

With Federal Defense Minister Ursula von der Leyen (CDU) and former Bob Olympic champion Harald Czudaj, he had two laudatory speakers on Friday evening. While von der Leyen praised the environmental commitment of the prince, Czudaj took over the sports tribute.
Prince Albert II had participated as a bobsleigher in five Olympic Winter Games. Czudaj, who was often his opponent, duzte this as usual on the bobsleigh track and revealed how they called falls of the prince in the paddock: «Prinzenrolle».

The Semperopernball also has a regular audience outside the opera. Thousands flock to Theater Square to celebrate. "Fascination Dresden - dreams come true": Ball impresario Hans-Joachim Frey formulated the motto for the 14th Semperoper ball. A giddiness-free ball debutante hovered from a lofty height on a crescent moon on the theater square, while a fireworks lit up the sky over the Semperoper.

Traditionally, the ballads are awarded at the beginning of the evening. A procedure that this time with six winners dragged out.

Albert II of Monaco thanked with a passionate plea for the protection of the environment and nature.
He recalled weather extremes, species extinction and the exploitation of natural resources. There is no choice: "We have to get involved. We all have to bear our responsibility. Otherwise, civilization is in danger of collapsing.

Mardi, février 5, 2019